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Why should I switch to a Flat-rate service model?

In a break/fix service model IT providers are waiting to hear the phone ring so they can bill for their services and there is no incentive for the IT provider to ensure everything is working optimumly.

In a flat-rate service model the financial risk is transferred to Prime.  When we receive fewer service requests, we spend less time reacting to problems because we proactively prevented them.

Should I hire a full-time IT person?

There are 3 reasons not to do this!  Cost, Experience, and Availability

1)  Cost – First you have their Salary, then Benefits, then PTO and vacation costs

2)  Experience – Most individuals have a limited scope of knowledge and may not be able to handle an aspect or two that is vitally important.

3)  Availability – Employees need vacation, personal time-off, and are occasionally sick causing a void when you may need it most.

You will receive much more ROI using an outsourced IT company than having a single full-time employee.

Why Not Just Pay as I Go?

Because in almost all cases you will not be as protected, you will receive less service, you will have more unaddressed problems because your staff won’t report their issues and those issues are probably causing a loss of productivity but they need that as an excuse.

The other reason you don’t want to “Just Pay as You Go” because we don’t offer that service model nor do most reputable IT Service Providers.

Should I assign IT tasks to someone in the office?

Some companies attempt this as a stop-gap measure.  Usually the person with the most IT knowledge gets this dumped on them and then they find themselves doing things after work, evenings and weekends because they still have the tasks that they have to accomplish which was why you hired them in the first place.

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