What We Do

Managed IT

We offer Managed IT services in a flat-fee model.  This transfers the risk from our clients to us.  We have an incentive to keep everything working optimum so we receive less requests for service resulting in more satisfaction from our clients.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been around for a long time however the term has only become popular in recent years.  Some of our clients prefer certain services in the cloud while others prefer to have their data on-premise.  We can service both models.



IT Security

Ensuring your data is secure requires a multi-faceted approach.  We are constantly evaluating new products and services that allow us to provide our clients with the most adequate protection available at a price point that is affordable.

Providing IT Services in the Houston and Surrounding Areas for nearly 30 Years

Why Choose Prime?


Like you, we believe that IT should be simple.  It should work most of the time with minimal effort.  When it doesn’t work as expected we focus on resolving the issue as quickly as possible


Our staff has a wide range of knowledge that can impact your business from the simplest to the most complex issues facing people today.  We are here to help.

Process Driven

We use a consistent process in handling all service requests.  This results in identifying and mitigating issues in record time while documenting these issues for future prevention.