We deliver better performance with simpler costs.

Our Story

In 1993 we started building custom personal computers from an office off Jackrabbit Road in North Houston.  By 2000 we had shifted our major focus to computer and network support as computer manufacturers made it hard to compete with their price points.

In about 2010 we shifted our support model from a Break/Fix hourly model to a flat-rate “All you can Eat” model.  While we are still focused on supporting our clients in this manner and now well into the 21st Century, we are focusing on how we can help our clients much more than just keeping their computers working.

Now with Cloud computing starting to penetrate the market we have moved some of our client’s data into “the Cloud” as it begins to make sense.  There are cases when keeping the data in-house still makes sense and we position ourselves to recommend what stays and what goes.

Our clients have a lot of data saved in multiple applications and they are constantly wanting some information out of one system to be combined with data out of another system so they can make better decisions.

Our company will shift our thinking into how to connect these systems together and give our clients better insight into their business while still maintaining their computer and network investments.

  • Issue Mitigation 99% 99%
  • Process Optimization 80% 80%
  • Proactive Approach 95% 95%
  • Customer Happiness 98% 98%

Security Focused

Secure functionality is the best of both worlds.  The threat landscape increases daily and you must do everything possible to minimize risk.

Forward Thinking

Our world has never been more connected but our business software isn’t.  We are working on solutions to connect all your data together.

Problem Solvers

Our entire goal is to solve our client’s problems.  It started first with their technology and now includes complex Business problems.

Customer Support

Whether your problem is big or small we will support you.  From Initial phone support to remote or onsite support, we are there for you.

Contact Us

The PrimeITS award-winning IT support team provides you with the latest technology and cutting-edge ways to protect your business and its valuable data. Our team is reliable, transparent, and skilled in helping you achieve your business goals. Our consultants can help you define precisely what those goals are. Contact us today for a free consultation!