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Managed IT Services Houston- Technology is supposed to help your business operate smoother and faster. Unfortunately, too many businesses in Houston find the opposite to be true.

Network management, updates, security concerns, and other issues prevent things from moving along. Even worse, these issues can stretch your IT team thin, making it difficult for you to stay focused on core business matters.

Fortunately, the answer to these issues is within reach. Our managed IT services in Houston are exactly what your employees need to stay productive (and, perhaps more importantly, manage IT stress!). We take care of everything from routine maintenance and troubleshooting to infrastructure protection. With us, you will increase your bottom line and deliver the consistent quality that your clients expect.

Ready to see the difference a premium managed services provider in Houston can make? Contact our experts today! We are ready to offer your business a no-obligation consultation.

Computers have come a long way from being room-sized calculators, haven’t they? But even the latest state-of-the-art tech runs into trouble now and again — especially when it comes to speed. We’re sure you’ve experienced it before. Your Windows…

What Are Managed IT Services?

If you have an internal IT team (or no team at all), you may not be familiar with managed services in Houston. So, let’s go over what you can expect from your provider.

IT companies in Houston are independent parties that manage your IT operations. They take the IT reins so that you can focus on what you do best — that is, running your business.

Premium providers of IT services in Houston like Prime ITS let you customize your plan. That means you can outsource certain tasks while keeping others in-house. Or, you can give full control to your new partner in crime.

Most clients have us handle routine maintenance, development projects, security, cloud services, etc. But our experts are eager to come up with a plan that suits your needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Benefits of Managed IT Services in Houston

So far, working with IT services companies in Houston sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Experienced pros will take care of whatever tasks you delegate to them, freeing your employees to direct their talents elsewhere.

Want to see other reasons why hiring a managed services company is one of the smartest moves you can make? See below for some of the main benefits of IT companies in Houston:

Increased Productivity

A Houston managed services provider is like your watchdog. In addition to conducting maintenance, our experts closely monitor your network to catch problems before they happen.

As a result, your employees will experience significantly less downtime. Their productivity will shoot through the roof as they’ll be able to count on your reliable infrastructure.

And in the inevitable instance that problems slip through the cracks, our Houston team is ready to swoop in. We will quickly fix any issues so that your team experiences as few interruptions as possible.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Employees aren’t the only ones who will notice IT issues. When your backend is down, customers will encounter poor website experiences and subpar customer care. That is why we recommend managed services for all IT companies in Houston.

These negative interactions can greatly impact their satisfaction. Worst-case scenario, they can drive your customers to another company that has its IT department together.

Avoid the worst by investing in our managed IT services. We help you deliver on your promise as a business to put your customers first. People will notice the difference and continue to rely on your company.

Customizable Services

As we mentioned earlier, our managed services in Houston are customizable. You can delegate as many or as few tasks as you want, allowing you to make the most out of your team’s talent and budget.

The best part? You pay a flat rate for your plan. This model ensures you only pay for the services you use and never waste money on those you don’t.

Plus, you’ll win major points with your accounting department, as they’ll appreciate the consistency when calculating your budget. As you can see, hiring Houston IT services is a win-win!

Experienced Professionals On-Demand

Hiring a managed services provider in Houston is a breath of fresh air for many reasons. However, you’ll find it particularly welcoming if you’ve ever had an internal IT team.

Businesses know the challenges of recruiting and hiring all too well. It takes many resources to find talent that’s affordable and well-suited for your business. Then, you have to train and immerse them in your company culture.

Even after this long, tedious process, your efforts may not pay off because of high turnover rates.

With reliable managed IT services in Houston, you have a partner for life. You never have to worry about us bouncing, as our pros are just as dedicated to your business as you are.

And, to reiterate, gone are the days of hiring. No more excruciating hours of recruiting, interviewing, and training (for your IT department, at least).

Why Choose Prime ITS?

If you want to enjoy all the benefits discussed above (and more), you need to find a quality service provider.

A Google search will show you that IT services companies in Houston are rampant. However, as our clients will vouch for, Prime ITS should be your number one choice.

Our team is passionate and wants to see you enjoy all the benefits of IT services. See why else we are the leading managed service provider in Houston below:

Years of Experience

Your business’s IT is important. The last thing you want to do is leave management to rookie providers who will have your employees rushing to pick up the slack.

With Prime ITS as your managed services provider in Houston, you can feel confident knowing that an experienced team of professionals is behind you. We’ve been in business since 1993, which gives us nearly 30 years of experience.

While our IT company in Houston specializes in businesses of all sizes, we’ve worked with companies spanning many different industries. This diversity gives us a unique skill set that allows us to tackle any problem we come across.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Small/medium-sized businesses tend to settle for average managed IT services in Houston. In some cases, this complacency is because of a limited budget. Other times, you might think you can get away with fewer resources because your business is smaller.

Regardless, you should understand you are just as susceptible to data breaches as bigger companies. Plus, you may have intensive IT needs that regular infrastructures just can’t handle.

At Prime ITS, we firmly believe that every business deserves enterprise-level solutions, regardless of size. As a managed service provider in Houston, we aim to make these premium services accessible by offering them at a price that works with your budget.

Free Consultations

Still not sure if hiring a managed service provider in Houston is right for your business? Contact us today for a free consultation!

We want you to feel 100% confident in your decision, so we are eager to sit down with you one-on-one. Our IT company in Houston will talk prices and develop a plan that meets your business’s needs.

If you want even more reassurance, be sure to take advantage of the Prime Total Care MSP trial. You’ll get two free hours of managed services in Houston and a taste of the benefits we offer.

Our Managed IT Services in Houston — How We Can Help

Once again, our managed services don’t offer cookie-cutter packages. We understand that your business’s IT needs unique, and we come up with plans accordingly.

With this customization in mind, here’s an overview of some of the most common managed services in Houston:

Live Help Desk Support

When your employees run into an IT problem, they shouldn’t have to address it themselves as they don’t have the experience to make efficient fixes. Plus, it will prevent them from focusing on other tasks that require their attention.

Your next thought might be to turn it over to your internal IT team. While they will be much better equipped to address the issue, they shouldn’t have to allocate their talents to ordinary issues. Instead, you want them to be free to focus on IT matters more directly related to core business matters.

Thus, it’s in your best interest to hire a managed service provider in Houston. Our services are available 24/7/365 to offer live help desk support. Fast, reliable solutions are just a phone call away!

For many business owners, this consistency is a sigh of relief. You can sleep better at night knowing your employees have access to constant Houston managed IT services. Even better? You might even get to experience a stress-free vacation that, until now, has only existed in your dreams!

Server Care

Your servers are the heart of your company. If they run into issues, your entire organization is bound to feel the effects.

Luckily, you can count on our team to keep this infrastructure running like a well-oiled machine. We specialize in remote management and remediation services to catch minor issues before they turn into major problems.

If the nature of your servers requires on-site management, you’re in luck! Our IT company in Houston will conduct maintenance and identify potential threats just like we do through our remote services.

In any case, expect the monthly flat rate that comes with all of our services. No need to worry about paying per-incident charges — our Houston IT services know how many issues small to medium-sized companies are prone to and want you to stay within your budget.

Network Management

Many small to medium enterprise companies are too lax about their network management. Why? They feel they aren’t as at risk as bigger corporations.

Unfortunately, hackers count on this misconception and target businesses like yours. If your network doesn’t have the proper protection, you risk losing your data.

The good news is that managed services in Houston can help you protect your data and, therefore, your customers. We practice prevention by implementing the best firewalls and use leading antivirus software to eliminate spyware, malware, and other threats.

Additionally, when you hire us for network management, you can expect services such as the following:

  • Content filtering. Your company may want to block certain websites to encourage productivity or maintain professionalism. In any case, our Houston IT services can set up customized content filters for your network.
  • Updates. If you want an optimized network, you will need routine maintenance. Our IT company in Houston stays on top of all updates so that you never have to lift a finger.
  • Scalable infrastructure. Like most companies, you’re aiming to grow. We ensure the sky’s the limit by implementing and maintaining scalable infrastructure.

Email Management

In our years of experience working with companies of all sizes, we’ve learned how overwhelming spam can be. Few employees want to start their day by filtering through hundreds of messages. Even fewer want a harmless click to lead to viruses taking over your system.

The good news is that our IT services in Houston can make your inboxes look the best they’ve ever looked. We diligently filter your contacts so that you only get the messages you want — gone are the days of worrying about spam and malware.

You’ll also appreciate that our Houston IT services use email encryption. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that all of your ongoing and outgoing messages are as secure as possible.

Detailed Audits

Unlike other IT companies in Houston, we never keep you in the dark. Instead, our IT services in Houston run routine audits so that you know what’s going on with your network.

You’ll get regular reports that break down everything from your current resource usage to bandwidth performance. Our experts ensure you understand these reports and use them to provide actionable solutions. The best part is that the insights allow our Houston IT services to prevent problems before they happen.

Partner With Managed IT Services Professionals in Houston, TX Today

If you want to set your team up for success, our managed IT services in Houston are the way to go! We provide the support you need to keep your networks, servers, and everything else in tip-top shape. Best of all, your company will experience increased productivity and profits.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

Managed IT is sometimes referred to as Outsourced IT

Our Prime Total Care Managed Services Program (MSP) is dedicated to keeping your technology investment up and running smoothly so you can focus on your business.  You can relax knowing our partnership with your organization means we take your IT personally, and strive to keep your staff productive with the tools they need to drive your business forward.  Change the way you think about IT companies in Houston with Prime Total Care MSP.

Reduce downtime, increase profitability or productivity and make your technology work for you

Think of us as your Outsourced IT Department.  We strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance that keeps your users from experiencing downtime.

Detect and stop IT issues before they affect your bottom line

Our Houston managed IT Services are built to cover all of your IT support needs, from your employee workstations to your servers, and even other devices on your network that are necessary for your organization’s efficiency.  By performing regular maintenance and monitoring your systems 24x7x365, we can drastically reduce the amount of downtime your staff experience.  Our team is always looking out for your business and your goals, and can help you meet your IT needs as you expand.  Our proactive maintenance can keep your IT investments running smoothly and our experienced support staff can assist your users with any technology-related issues.

The Benefits of Flat-Rate IT

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Supplement your Current Internal IT

Already have an internal IT department or a technical guru on site that handles most of your day-to-day IT issues?  Prime Total Care MSP isn’t out to replace them, but we can certainly supplement and assist your current internal IT staff providing our 24x7x365 monitoring, maintenance, and support.  Your current IT staff will be able to take advantage of us as we strive to prevent downtime.  If your current IT department is overloaded, Prime Total Care MSP is the perfect solution for lightening their workload to ensure the rest of your company continues to function without a hitch.

Network Care

Ensuring your business network is protected requires a multi-layer approach.  We have products and services for you that provide you security.

Server Care

We monitor and manage all your on-premise and cloud hosted servers proactively to mitigate issues and minimize downtime.

Desktop Care

Whether your problem is big or small we will support you.  From Initial phone support to remote or onsite support, we are there for you.

User Care

Whether your problem is big or small, from Initial phone support to remote or onsite support, we are there for you until the issue is resolved.

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The PrimeITS award-winning IT support team provides you with the latest technology and cutting-edge ways to protect your business and its valuable data. Our team is reliable, transparent, and skilled in helping you achieve your business goals. Our consultants can help you define precisely what those goals are. Contact us today for a free consultation!