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IT Consulting in Houston, TX

As we rely more on technology for growth and organization, companies require IT consulting to see improvements and source solutions. And our Prime ITS IT consultants in Houston are your best option for these services.

Why choose us over another Houston IT consulting company? Our approach, our services, and our results.

If you want to maximize business efficiency and keep the workflow steady, you need superior IT knowledge. We’re the ones who can give it to you. Read more to learn about our IT consulting services and how we can help you streamline your business.

Our Approach

Our IT consultants in Houston take a professional yet personalized approach to help your business processes run smoother than ever before. Yes, even those of you who aren’t tech-savvy.

We provide fully customized guidance in designing, planning, and deploying your computer systems and company network.

Your specialized Houston IT consultant will:

  1. Determine your business requirements: Prime ITS takes the time to meet with department managers, project managers, and staff members to gauge your network needs. Our careful evaluation examines commonly-used workflow processes, company demands, and the overall nature of your business. The information gained allows us to identify what’s necessary for optimizing your network configuration.
  2. Identify the scope of your project: Your consultants open up the conversation and provide your team with guidance and strategic measures. We’ll provide knowledge regarding current IT infrastructures and technologies. We’ll also help identify hardware, software, and your company’s network requirements. We’ll give you the best deployment strategies to amp company processes via IT.
  3. Acquire the correct tech: professional IT consultants will help your company select and acquire any hardware or software your project needs. We won’t just tell you why you need
  4. Develop and train your staff: Once we’ve completed deployment, testing, and total network optimization, it’s time for us to train your employees. We’ll ensure each individual is familiar with your new system and all its operations. Comprehensive training helps with troubleshooting and ensures proficiency from individual users.

When outsourcing management services to an IT consulting services, you can expect a total technological solution. Prime ITS provides the best. If you’re looking for flexibility, scalability, and fully supported services, our IT consulting in Houston, TX is where you should start.

We Can Help You…

As a top local IT consulting company, we can help you:

… Determine if your company should use Cloud services or store data on-premise. We’ll look at the overall size of your company, the work you do, and the data you have. We can help solidify a full plan and go over the pros and cons of all your options.

… Decide where to host your network and provide performance solutions. We’ll tell you how to minimize or eliminate downtime. We’ll discuss managed IT services options, which means we give all our power to keep your systems functioning optimally.

…. Transform your IT infrastructure for complete optimization, streamlining all your business processes, and bringing every employee up to date on your changes.

Dedicated IT Consulting Services For Your Business
Here at Prime ITS, our team of IT consultants has the back of Houston businesses. An expert Houston IT consultant will work with you to save on expenses. They’ll be ready with the latest information and education, as we encourage our employees to remain updated on this rapidly developing industry.

Our IT consultants in Houston provide services such as the following:

  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Technology Consulting
  • Information Management
  • Managed IT Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure Planning & Execution
  • Optimizing Computer Security & Data Protection
  • Employee IT Training
  • Data Management, Strategy & Recovery
  • Application Modernization & Maintenance
  • Cloud Computer Service

If what you think you’re looking for isn’t listed above, don’t panic. With our customizable Houston IT consulting, we will cover all your options. Contact our team to discuss your project and let us help determine your technological necessities. We want your business running as efficiently as you do, and we’re experts who know what it takes to get you there.

Choose Our IT Consulting in Houston, TX

Our heavy focus on simplicity and efficiency will get you the desired results without slowing down your business. We make sure you’re well taken care of and see the results you desire.

Simplifying the IT Experience

IT consulting in Houston, TX strives to keep IT simple for everyone. If it’s not working most of the time with little effort, then it might as well not be working at all. If you run into the occasional error, our 24/7 support is there with a solution. We place a strong emphasis on client satisfaction and will ensure your back to optimal operations as soon as possible.

Teaching Your Staff

The Prime ITS Houston consulting team comes with years of experience and continued education. We have extensive knowledge in each area that could potentially impact your business. We can handle simple errors to complex issues and help you understand how certain problems are prevented.

We also understand everyone learns at their own pace, and someone on your team may be more familiar with tech than another. Because of this, your IT consulting service provider will ensure your team is fully knowledgeable about any system changes. We work with employees of every level to get them up to date to guarantee full company proficiency.

Understanding the Process

When tackling issues and service requests, we’ve honed a consistent process. Our IT consulting in Houston can identify, solve, and mitigate any issues you’re facing. We also keep thorough logs on any issues encountered via our systems to prevent them from happening again.

We’ll remain transparent with you every step of the way. We want to work with you as you’re a crucial part of our team.

Reach Out To Our Houston IT Consulting Professional Today

Do you want speedy IT support? Do you need a system specifically tailored to your company’s unique requirements? Contact Prime ITS, one of the top today! Let us show you why we’re the best.

We’ll offer you a consultation for IT services with no charge and no obligation. Reach out now!

We constantly stay in touch with what is happening in the technology industry and we constantly evaluate and recommend solutions that can benefit our clients.

By working with an IT consultant in Houston, you will take advantage of new software and services that will better protect you from the enormous number of threats that are out there.

Therefore, we are able to make recommendations to our clients that the industry is implementing to combat the malicious actors across the globe.

Whether it is the latest hardware, software, smartphone, or service, if we think it can provide value to our clients we will make those recommendations.

Network Design

Our team of IT consultants in Houston can build a new network from the ground up or we can assess your current network and provide recommendations to enhance your security posture, along with increasing your productivity and reliability.

Cloud Adoption

For many years we were accustomed to on-premise servers filling needs including providing authentication, email, file permissions, file access, remote access. We were also accustomed to purchasing software and having to replace it every couple of years which some employers choose not to do leaving them vulnerable to new exploits that have significantly increased over time.

With products and services like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) our Houston IT consulting team finds that adopting subscription-based cloud services makes more sense.

Digital Transformation

Along with moving services to the cloud, a lot of forward-thinking business owners are investigating ways to streamline processes through automation and utilizing electronic forms instead of managing paper.

Our team that specializes in IT consulting in Houston, TX has been focused on automation for over a decade and is constantly evaluating tools and platforms that help with the transformation. Some of these include products from Adobe, Microsoft, DocuSign, etc.

Process Evaluation

Every business owner wants to do more with less, utilize their software and services to its fullest potential. We constantly look at ways to streamline, and automate our business, so why shouldn’t you benefit from this as well. Schedule an appointment with our IT consultants in Houston now to evaluate your business processes and together we can see if there is a way to change one thing to benefit your business, and where it leads.


The COVID-19 pandemic taught us a lot about the needs of our clients to be able to work remotely via Virtual Private Network (VPN), and other Remote control capabilities since they worked from home for a period of time.

We were already prepared for this, we had the capabilities and used them daily, but the majority of our clients hadn’t needed these services in the past. We were able to quickly deploy these capabilities to our clients that needed them and some are still using these today.

Network Design

Whether you are new business or been around for 30 years we can evaluate and make recommendations to optimize your network infrastructure.

Cloud Adoption

Adopting cloud services can be scary.  We can assist you with understanding what the cloud is about and how it can benefit you moving forward.

Digital Transformation

Paper, paper, paper, everyone wants to remove the amount of paper required to run their business as well as automating as many tasks as possible.

Process Evalution

Not everyone has time to look at their business processes and make the changes necessary to be more efficient, we can schedule time for you.

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The PrimeITS award-winning IT support team provides you with the latest technology and cutting-edge ways to protect your business and its valuable data. Our team is reliable, transparent, and skilled in helping you achieve your business goals. Our consultants can help you define precisely what those goals are. Contact us today for a free consultation!