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Business Telephone Systems

Finding a reliable business phone service in Houston is essential for any company. It’s what helps you manage communication with clients, partners, and employees. With unreliable telephone systems in Houston, you could be looking at major operating complications and costly mistakes.

At Prime ITS, we want to eliminate this concern and provide you with the very best business phone system in Houston. Our systems deliver everything you need, from simple outbound calls to important video conferencing with clients. We deliver easy and fast installation, setup, and ongoing support of your phone system at affordable rates to you.

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Our Houston Phone Systems Services

Prime ITS has served as a Houston area IT support services team since 1993. We support various small to medium-sized businesses with the technical solutions that work best for their business. For all our managed business phone services in Houston, we provide:

  • Proactive Care — prevention of business technology losses before they happen.
  • Non-Stop Maintenance Support — 24/7 remote and 8-5, Monday through Friday on-site server services.

When you choose Prime ITS to care for your Houston phone systems, you’re getting an expert team who is always working to provide reliable communications. We ensure seamless connections for you, your employees, and your business users.

Wondering if our services could be the communication solution you’ve been looking for? Take a look at our wide range of business phone services in Houston.

Business Telephones with Voice over IP in Houston

If you want the most modern and reliable technology backing your communications, you need Voice over IP in Houston solutions. Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems increase productivity, efficiency and even lower the costs of your phone systems!

VoIP phone systems in Houston mean that calls are placed over the internet rather than over the phone lines. Here are some of the benefits of using our Voice over IP in Houston businesses:

  • More Affordable — Businesses have reported savings of over 60% by switching to phones with Voice over IP in Houston.
  • Better call quality — Spend less time repeating yourself or being misheard.
  • Easy remote work transitions — Since calls are placed over the internet, you don’t need to be in the office to use your business telephone system solutions.
  • Advanced features for greater efficiency — VoIP offers more features that are also simple to access.

Most businesses are now making the transition to internet calls. Don’t get stuck behind the times as customers and clients come to expect certain features from your company. Let us help bring your telephone systems in Houston to the most up-to-date cloud-based systems.

Call Recording

Written communications such as email make conversations between employees and customers easy to track and archive. Whether it’s to improve training or resolve client complaints, it’s nice to have something to look back on. But how can this be done with phone calls, often the preferred means of communicating with customers?

With our business phone services, call recording is easy to start, store, access, and playback. No need for special setups every time you want to begin recording a call. With call recording services from our business phone system, easily record any calls held with your business.

Call recording may just seem like a nice bonus. But many times, it becomes an essential tool for the operations of any business. Is there a mistake in ordering something for your company? Does a client misremember a conversation had with an employee? Now, you have the record to address any problems that arise.

Businesses with call recording for their phone service in Houston also highlight its utility for both training and reviewing best practices. There’s nothing like demonstrating real-world scenarios to new employees. You can also discover for yourself what works best for your business and share these insights with your team.

Unified Communications for Greater Efficiency

These days, there are so many ways that businesses communicate. Your business probably already uses email, phone calls, fax, SMS text messaging, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a system that manages all of these devices?

Our unified services will transform how you manage communication at your business. It goes beyond a simple business phone service in Houston — we create a unique system of solutions that bridges gaps between all of your devices and maximizes how your business is done.

With our unified communications systems, your different lines of communication will be connected and send information to each other. This increases efficiency as employees no longer need to search through notes, emails, faxes, and texts just to arrive at one piece of information.
Our Unified Communications systems also make remote work easier. No longer is your fax or phone confined to the office. You and your employees can access data, no matter the location. This system will bring your phone systems and business to the next level.

Video Conferencing Made Easy

Video conferencing is a great tool for connecting people virtually in a clear and meaningful way. It makes what would be a normal call more professional and personable. But without the right support, video conferencing is more of a pain than a benefit.

At Prime ITS, we want to improve the collaboration and communication between employees, customers, investors, and partners. With seamless, multi-party conferencing, you will increase efficiency and productivity.
Prime ITS provides video conferencing that minimizes the time you would spend trying to organize in-person meetings and the hassle of using complicated video conferencing software. And with our round-the-clock support, you never have to worry about an important virtual meeting going wrong.

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